Inter-Provincial Trials

2020 Inter-Provincial Trials

  Intermediate  Seniors  Women  Open


Date:                             9th & 10th May 2020 (note 2 days)

Entries Close:                  Sunday 26th April

Cost of Entry                   No entry fee

Venue:                          To be confirmed 

          Tea and coffee will be supplied. Players to make their own arrangements for meals.

Time:                             12 am start Saturday and 9.30 am Sunday

Entries to:                       Please register through NZBridge website

 2019 Inter Provincial Trials Format

 The Regional committee is running the trials as per below.

  1. Open, Women, Seniors will most likely trial in one group. If there are sufficient entries separate groups may be trialled).
  2. Intermediates will trial in their own group.
  3. Players enter as a team of 4.
  4. Intermediates may enter as a team of 4 or a pair. If entering as a pair the CD committee will endeavour to match up pairs who enter to make a team.
  5. Teams scoring will be used.
  6. The format will be finalised once numbers are known. Be prepared to play for two days.
  7. Open, Women’s and Senior Teams need to clearly state the category they are trialling for.  Entries to be done through the NZBridge website in the appropriate category.
  8. On entry, a PDF copy of your system cards is to be emailed to the Central Districts Secretary. These will be displayed on the CD Website.
  9. In the event of a person or pair becoming unable to play the CD Committee reserves the right to appoint a replacement person or pair.
  10. It is expected that the teams who represent CD will undertake to play together as a team in at least two teams events before the finals.


2020 Inter-Provincial Finals

The venue and dates are yet to be confirmed but they are likely to be in the last weekend of November. Accommodation will be subsidised by the Regional Committee and airfares will also be subsidised as per NZ Bridge (information may be found on NZ Bridge website).


 Entries via the BridgeNZ Website





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