Tournaments 2020

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Please check the above website for cancellations due to COVID -19 


26-Jan-20 New Plymouth Picnic Pairs (Sun) New Plymouth Open 8B
2-Feb-20 Wanganui Picnic Pairs (Sun) Wanganui Open 8B
9-Feb-20 Napier Restricted Pairs (Sun) Napier Open 8B
9-Feb-20 Hawera Picnic Pairs (Sun) Hawera Open 8B
22-Feb-20 Taradale Intermediate Pairs (Sat) Taradale Intermediate 5B
23-Feb-20 Feilding Open Pairs (Sun) Feilding Open 5A
7-Mar-20 Taranaki Congress Open Teams (Sat/Sun) New Plymouth Open 10A
7-Mar-20 Taranaki Congress Intermediate/Junior Teams (Sat) New Plymouth Int/Jun 5B
8-Mar-20 Taranaki Congress CD Marion Hill Main Regional Pairs (Sun/Mon) New Plymouth Open 10A
8-Mar-20 Taranaki Congress Swiss Pairs  (Sun) New Plymouth Open 5A
9-Mar-20 Taranaki Congress Intermediate /Junior Pairs (Mon) New Plymouth Int/Jun 5B
15-Mar-20 Marton Picnic Pairs (Sun) Marton Open 8B
21-Mar-20 Taradale Lawson Jugs (Sat) Taradale Open 8B
28-Mar-20 Hastings Open Teams (Sat) Hastings Open 5A
4-Apr-20 Dannevirke Open Pairs (Sat) Dannevirke Open 5A
5-Apr-20 Napier Intermediate Pairs (Sun) Napier Intermediate 5B
11-Apr-20 Levin Multigrade Pairs (Sat) Levin Open 8B
18-Apr-20 Waipukurau Open Pairs (Sat) Waipukurau Open 5A
19-Apr-20 Wanganui Intermediate Pairs (Sun) Wanganui Intermediate 5B
19-Apr-20 Wanganui Junior Pairs (Sun) Wanganui Junior 3B
26-Apr-20 Hokowhitu Intermediate Pairs (Sun) Hokowhitu Intermediate 5B
2-May-20 Feilding Intermediate Pairs (Sat) Feilding Intermediate 5B
2-May-20 Hastings Junior Pairs (Sat) Hastings Junior 3B
9-May-20 Central Districts Inter-Provincial Trials (Open) Wanganui All grades Trial
9-May-20 Central Districts Inter-Provincial Trials (Women) Wanganui All grades Trial
9-May-20 Central Districts Inter-Provincial Trials (Senior) Wanganui All grades Trial
9-May-20 Central Districts Inter-Provincial Trials (Intermediate) Wanganui Intermediate Trial
16-May-20 Palmerston North Junior Pairs (Sat) Palmerston North Junior 3B
16-May-20 Palmerston North Intermediate Pairs (Sat) Palmerston North Intermediate 5B
16-May-20 Taradale Tierney Teams (Sat) Taradale Open 8B
23-May-20 Gisborne Open Pairs (Sat) Gisborne Open 5A
23-May-20 Waipukurau Intermediate Pairs (Sat) Waipukurau Intermediate 5B
23-May-20 Waipukurau Junior Pairs (Sat) Waipukurau Junior 3B
24-May-20 Taihape Intermediate/Junior Pairs (Sun) Taihape Intermediate 5B
30-May-20 Hawke's Bay Congress Open 10A Pairs (Sat) Hawke's Bay Open 10A
30-May-20 Hawke's Bay Congress Intermediate Pairs (Sat) Hawke's Bay Intermediate 5B
30-May-20 Hawke's Bay Congress Junior Pairs (Sat) Hawke's Bay Junior 3B
31-May-20 Hawke's Bay Congress John Eldridge Open Teams (Sun) Hawke's Bay Open 10A
31-May-20 Hawke's Bay Congress Intermediate Teams (Sun) Hawke's Bay Intermediate 5B
31-May-20 Hawke's Bay Congress Junior Teams (Sun) Hawke's Bay Junior 3B
1-Jun-20 Hawke's Bay Congress Swiss Pairs (Mon) Hawke's Bay Open 3A
13-Jun-20 New Plymouth Restricted 8B Pairs (Sat) New Plymouth Open 8B
14-Jun-20 Levin Intermediate Pairs (Sun) Levin Intermediate 5B
14-Jun-20 Levin Junior Pairs (Sun) Levin Junior 3B
20-Jun-20 Hastings Intermediate Teams (Sat) Hastings Intermediate 5B
27-Jun-20 Dannevirke Intermediate/Junior Pairs (Sat) Dannevirke Intermediate 5B
27-Jun-20 Gisborne 8B Multigrade Pairs (Sat) Gisborne Open 8B
4-Jul-20 Taradale Junior Pairs (Sat) Taradale Junior 3B
4-Jul-20 Rosebowl Interclub tournament (Hawera/New Plymouth) New Plymouth   40C
5-Jul-20 Feilding 8B Charity Pairs (Sun) Feilding Open 8B
12-Jul-20 Wanganui Open Pairs (Sun) Wanganui Open 5A
18-Jul-20 Napier Open Pairs (Sat) Napier Open 5A
19-Jul-20 Levin Open Pairs (Sun) Levin Open 5A
25-Jul-20 Havelock North 5A Open Swiss Pairs (Sat) Havelock North Open 5A
26-Jul-20 Hawera Intermediate/Junior Pairs (Sun) Hawera Intermediate 5B
1-Aug-20 National 15A Pairs Palmerston North Open 15A
8-Aug-20 Taradale Open Pairs (Sat) Taradale Open 5A
9-Aug-20 Hokowhitu Daffodil Day Open Pairs (Sun) Hokowhitu Open 3A
15-Aug-20 CD Fullarton Provincial Teams Championship Hastings Open 10A
22-Aug-20 New Plymouth Intermediate/Junior Pairs (Sat) New Plymouth Intermediate 5B
22-Aug-20 New Plymouth Open Pairs (Sat) New Plymouth Open 5A
23-Aug-20 New Plymouth Swiss Pairs (Sun) New Plymouth Open 5A
29-Aug-20 Levin Multigrade Swiss Pairs (Sat) Levin Open 8B
29-Aug-20 Napier Open Teams (Sat) Napier Open 5A
5-Sep-20 Gisborne Open 8B Pairs (Sat) Gisborne Open 8B
6-Sep-20 Havelock North Intermediate Pairs (Sun) Havelock North Intermediate 5B
6-Sep-20 Havelock North Junior Pairs (Sun) Havelock North Junior 3B
6-Sep-20 Hawera Open Pairs (Sun) Hawera Open 5A
12-Sep-20 Hastings Open Pairs (Sat) Hastings Open 5A
19-Sep-20 Waipukurau 8B Swiss Pairs (Sat) Waipukurau Open 8B
10-Oct-20 Napier Junior Pairs (Sat) Napier Junior 3B
10-Oct-20 Palmerston North Open Swiss Pairs (Sat) Palmerston North Open 5A
13-Oct-20 8B Multigrade Pairs (1) (Tue) Hastings Open 8B
17-Oct-20 Hastings Intermediate Pairs (Sat) Hastings Intermediate 5B
20-Oct-20 8B Multigrade Pairs (2) (Tue) Hastings Open 8B
27-Oct-20 8B Multigrade Pairs (3) (Tue) Hastings Open 8B
31-Oct-20 CD Zelda Morris Provincial Pairs Championship Hastings Open 10A
3-Nov-20 8B Multigrade Pairs (4) (Tue) Hastings Open 8B
7-Nov-20 New Plymouth Anniversary Pairs (Sat) New Plymouth Open 8B
8-Nov-20 Hawke's Bay Novice Pairs (Sun) Hastings Novice 3B
28-Nov-20 Hawke's Bay Christmas Cheer (Sat) Havelock North Open 5A
5-Dec-20 Palmerston North Christmas Cheer (Sat) Palmerston North Open 3A
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